Resolutions Reminders!
Resolutions Reminders!


So you are interested in learning more about me? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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Here are the basics and some places where you can learn more.

  • 31-year-old, lives around Denver, Bachelors in Business from Univ. of Colorado in Boulder.
  • Started this Resolutions Reminder site in 1997.
  • Created one of the first CD-ROM Yearbooks for a university while I was at CU. Story was on front-page of the Denver Post and several other local publications.
  • If you need some web development work or would like to hire someone who really knows their way around the net, contact me.
  • You can always e-mail me at or find more information on me at HiAspire!
  • I recently got married to a wonderful young woman in May '01, but if you'd like to go on a Virtual Date with me at this great site I created Virtually Ever After. Otherwise you can check out our wedding photos and engagement story here.! © 1997-2001 Troy Surratt